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BC, SP "I would go out tonight, but i havent got a stitch to wear! Comments Sure about that? I constantly let him know though that I have no problem with him finishing on my body, sure I smell like chlorine for awhile but I am honestly fine with the actual stuff on me because I know he likes to see it on me. I wanted to know how bad and perverse would it be. Adrian is correct in saying that a fragile virus like HIV cannot survive in the hostile environment of the stomach but there are plenty of places on the way down - lips, tomgue, gums, throat, oesophagus - where the virus can infect damaged or inflamed tissue.

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But people enjoy oral sex for plenty of other reasons. I hoped the guy enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure he did. I am used to give Tell your man to drink juice a few hours before it makes his cum taste sweeter. Other substances present in the semen include the following:.

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